I was looking for an API providing football data and came across www.football-data.org.

Then I looked for a Ruby Gem to use this API and only found some very old, very basic Gems.
As I wanted to use the API for my own Rails project, I decided to provide a more up-to-date and more extensive Gem.

I also wanted to implement multi target API support, so you dont need a seperate gem for every football API.

From version 2.1.0 on, I implemented multi API support, now supporting the following target APIs:

  • football-data.org
  • apifootball.com
  • api-football.com


You can use the API directly in providing the full REST path as documented.

Additionally, I created a class for every endpoint and provide functions that can be used semantically.

So, instead of:


you can use:

Football::Butler::Matches.by_competition(id: 2002)


Github: https://github.com/frontimax/football-butler